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JRC Powergen originally started its operation in 2008 as a specialist in Low Voltage distribution system for Real Estate and different industries to support its customers technically to develop their Distribution systems as well as electrical components like MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker), MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breaker), MC (Magnetic Contactor), OLR (Over Load Relay), MMS (Manual Motor Starter), ACB (Air Circuit Breaker) etc. Besides, it also works for you to supply Distribution Boards like FDB (Floor Distribution Board), SDB (Sub-Distribution Board), MDB (Main Distribution Board), LT/HT Switchgear, PFI (Power Factor Improvement), Sub-station of all ranges, Transformer, Diesel Generator and Wall Switch & Socket.

JRC Powergen won the heart of its customers in a very short span because of its technical superiority and quality, aesthetic look of its products, systems etch.

To cater demand, JRC Powergen expanded its activities as a manufacturer of total package solution, provider of electrical distribution and industrial control equipment in the field of:

  • Power generation
  • Power distribution
  • Protection components
  • Industrial control panels
  • Power management
  • Electrical wearing in Industrial system.


JRC Powergen can offer a complete engineering study for system design, calculation for electrical parameters, diagrams, supplying and installation of high and Low voltage electrical equipment.

JRC Powergen serves and support its customer giving better and energy efficient solutions to the Utility industry, Building and residential sectors. The commitment to quality has underpinned the current success of JRC Powergen leading to continued growth.

Its activities now range from 11kV down to the low voltage machine connections with manufacturing plants and world-class testing equipments attached with it.

The Manufactured products at JPG factory are:

  • High Voltage Switchboards
  • Low Voltage Switchboards
  • Oil Cooled Distribution Transformer
  • Distribution Boards
  • Power Factor Improvement (PFI) panel
  • Auto Manual Changeover
  • Motor Control Panel

For complete safety of man and machinery as well as economical design satisfying the requirement of the installations considering current ratings, short circuit levels, environmental conditions, voltage drops etc.


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Mission & Vision of JRC Powergen

JRC Powergen is one of the leading Electrical generation & distribution solution providers of Bangladesh with related services. Our long experience in this field and full scope of services & support made us one of the leading organizations in power generation, protection & distribution. Our vision is to read more..

History of JRC Powergen

The executive management is headed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He is supported by different directors from different products & functional departments. The management body that comprises 3 directors from different departments supervises overall activities and guides all officials to make read more..

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JRC Powergen

Address: H # 6/1, Block # B, Lalmatia, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207.

Ph: +880 2 8100427+880 2 8100427, 8100443
E-mail: info@jrcpowergenbd.com